APGA Salary Survey

APGA is now conducting our biennial Salary Survey, which collects salaries of both management and non-management personnel working for public gas systems.

The APGA Salary Survey has been collected and distributed for over 20 years. Starting in 2019, APGA made significant changes to the salary survey after consultation with members to improve participation, and in turn produce more accurate and meaningful results. The revamped survey reduced the number of job titles to minimize confusion and combined the management and non-management surveys to streamline the collection process.

A list of position descriptions is available online here.  Not all positions included on this survey may match yours exactly since each system has different job titles for different functions. Therefore, you must evaluate where your system’s job positions fit into these categories. Please use the actual salary as of January 1, 2024 (Note: if you have multiple employees in the same role, please use the median salary of that position).

All information received will be kept confidential. APGA did not retain a professional third-party to seek, obtain and verify the data. APGA does not follow-up with members to verify for accuracy. The results of this survey, which relies upon the voluntary submissions from members, simply represents the average salaries reported by those members who choose to participate.

While not recommended to be the primary source for making staffing or personnel decisions, the APGA Salary Survey is an important tool for members to use to determine if they are in the market or if a more accurate salary survey may be needed.

Participating APGA members will receive a free copy of the results. The 2024 Salary Survey is now open through May 24 and you can participate at www.surveymonkey.com/r/2024salarysurvey

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (202) 930-6720 or email Simon Cook at scook@apga.org.