APGA Public Gas Policy Council

The APGA Public Gas Policy Council is open to all elected and appointed officials (e.g. mayors and city council members) from public gas communities. The primary purposes of the PGPC are to assist APGA in:

  1. moving legislation forward that is important to its members,
  2. to oppose harmful legislation, and
  3. to provide advice on other legislative related issues of importance. 

Locally-elected and appointed public officials have a strong, persuasive, and authoritative voice with their elected representatives. Having a core group of elected officials carry the positive message of public gas systems significantly strengthens APGA’s advocacy efforts.

Nominate Online

Nominations open through October 1, 2021.

You can also fill out a Word Doc application and e-mail it to ssaulters@apga.org.

PGPC Roster

Please login to see the roster information. This roster is only viewable by APGA members.

Nominations Now Open 

The following ways are available for providing nominations:

The deadline for PGPC nominations is October 1, and APGA looks forward to engaging this important group in our 2021 advocacy priorities!

Who is Eligible 

In order to be eligible for the PGPC, an individual should be a member of the governing board of a utility that is a member of APGA, or should be an elected official, such as a mayor or member of city council, from the utility’s service territory. 

If you have an elected or appointed official from your region that would be a good advocate for public gas, APGA strongly encourages you to first review the current list of PGPC members (APGA member login required), and if your official is not on the list submit a nomination for that individual.