Natural Gas Facts

A Brief History of Natural Gas

Read about the history of natural gas.

Benefits & Uses of Natural Gas Videos

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Benefits of Public Gas

A public gas system meets the energy needs of the homes and businesses in your community.  It also provides benefits that include local control, competitive costs, customer service and economic benefits

Natural Gas Cooking Safety Facts
Natural gas can also be a very safe way to cook. Both the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) do not consider gas ranges a major contributor to negative indoor air quality (IAQ) or a health hazard for consumers.

Oldest Public Gas Systems

Between 1940 and 1965, hundreds of communities began operating gas utilities to serve their citizens and commercial establishments.

Top 100 Public Gas Systems by number of Customers

View the largest public gas systems in the country.

Top 100 Public Gas Systems with the Largest Throughput Volume

View the largest public gas systems by throughput volume in the country.

Total Energy Efficiency

Through APGA, public gas systems work together to keep our members reliably informed about new developments in safety, public policy, operations, technology, and the marketplace that could affect the communities and consumers they serve.

White Paper Released: “Natural Gas in a Smart Energy Future”

Natural gas is the key to a smart energy future through its efficient, safe and reliable delivery and its use as an abundant, domestic, affordable, low-carbon energy source for all segments of the economy, according to a white paper released today by the Gas Technology Institute and Navigant Consulting.