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APGA Applauds DOE’s Modernization of Appliance Standards Rulemaking Process 

01-16-2020 12:10 PM


Dave Schryver, President and CEO

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APGA Applauds DOE’s Modernization of Appliance Standards Rulemaking Process

Washington, D.C. (January 16, 2020) – The American Public Gas Association (APGA), representing more than 700 local, municipally-owned natural gas systems in 37 states, issued the following statement in response to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) announcement of valuable revisions to the appliance standards rulemaking process.

“APGA appreciates DOE and its Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for publishing a final rule that updates and streamlines aspects of the Appliance and Equipment Standards Program’s current rulemaking process. This modernization will improve appliance energy usage, benefiting American consumers and business owners, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the environment. APGA’s members serve many Americans, who rely on natural gas-fired furnaces and water heaters, so these public natural gas utilities have a direct and vital interest in both the minimum efficiency standards for such products and the procedures used by DOE to establish them. Because of its growing domestic supply and safe, reliable, and efficient delivery system, the direct use of natural gas is an important part of our country’s energy future. With an improved DOE appliance rulemaking process, natural gas will be an environmentally-friendly energy choice for Americans in their homes and businesses.”




APGA is the national association of municipally and publicly-owned local distribution systems. There are about 1,000 public gas systems serving more than 6 million customers. These public gas utilities are not-for-profit retail distribution entities that are owned by, and accountable to, the citizens they serve. They include municipal gas distribution systems, public utility districts, county districts, and other public agencies that have natural gas distribution facilities.




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