APGA Speaks on a Panel at CIBO Annual Meeting

By Stuart Saulters posted 11-19-2020 10:47 AM

Last week, APGA was part of a panel at this year’s Council of Industrial Boiler Owners (CIBO) Annual Meeting. Along with representatives from the American Gas Association (AGA), the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), and the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), APGA staff shared how the recent election results could impact the future of industrial energy. Specifically described by APGA was that environmental issues are a focus of the President-elect, with it being one of only four issues detailed on the transition website, www.buildbackbetter.com. In reading through the President-elect’s focuses for environmental policy, there is an emphasis on appliances and buildings. Given this, APGA did note that it would be great to collaborate with CIBO on future policy in the new Administration, as well as Congress. For instance, there could be opportunity to coordinate, as public gas utilities are engaging in legal action on commercial packaged boilers. It will be crucial to explain the benefits to all new and reelected policymakers of natural gas as a fuel, both to the consumer and the environment.

Time was also spent highlighting “future fuels,” such as hydrogen and renewable natural gas (RNG). These could help to decarbonize the industrial sector, and APGA is happy to work with the industrial customers CIBO represents in implementing these new energies in an appropriate way.

APGA staff believes it is valuable to represent our members at these events and will continue to do so, recognizing our role as fuel providers and the need to collaborate with the industrial equipment owners and operators. Both groups are key stakeholders and should advocate for the direct use of natural gas.

For questions on this article, please contact Stuart Saulters of APGA staff by phone at 202-544-1334 or by email at ssaulters@apga.org.