Senate Passes COVID-19 Aid

By Doug MacGillivray posted 10 days ago

After numerous iterations, the Senate finally passed the Phase 3 coronavirus aid package on a unanimous 96-0 vote late on the night of Wednesday, March 25.

Most of the provisions in Phase 3 are general payments, loans and grants to individuals and businesses, business and tax regulatory relief, as well as support for the healthcare sector. The bill includes $150 billion in funds for state, tribal, and local governments for use during the coronavirus emergency, various employer and employee support provisions, and increasing funds for the production of materials needed under the Defense Production Act. APGA continues to analyze the bill for other items of concern to our members.

After the vote, the Senate recessed until April 20. However, they may come back into session earlier to deal with additional items. The House is expected to pass the bill on the morning of Friday, March 27 and the bill should be signed into law by the President that same day. Work now turns to the Phase 4 bill, which will be more policy-based and likely deals with energy and infrastructure needs. APGA is requesting immediate input from members on needs and asks for that package.

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