About APGA

APGA is the only not-for-profit trade organization representing America's publicly owned natural gas local distribution companies (LDCs). APGA represents the interests of public gas before Congress, federal agencies and other energy-related stakeholders by developing regulatory and legislative policies that further the goals of our members. In addition, APGA organizes meetings, seminars, and workshops with a specific goal to improve the reliability, operational efficiency, and regulatory environment in which public gas systems operate.

Through APGA, public gas systems work together to stay reliably informed about new developments in safety, public policy, operations, technology, and the marketplace that could affect the communities and consumers they serve.

About Our Events

APGA offers an annual Gas Supply and Policy & Marketing Conference to better serve the municipal utility industry by diving deep into natural gas supply issues and how to communicate the benefits and increase the end-use of natural gas in their communities and their policy-makers.

APGA meets in-person quarterly with its Board of Directors and various committees, subcommittees and task forces comprised of volunteer members to do APGA's most important work. APGA aligns these quarterly meetings with conferences on various topics aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of municipal natural gas professionals across the nation.

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Who Should Attend?

APGA Legislative Summit

Natural gas utility managers and leadership, regulatory and legislative affairs utility professionals, Public Gas Policy Council members, and appointed or elected officials from public natural gas communities such as mayors or utility board members.

APGA Board and Committee Meetings

APGA members who serve on the Board of Directors and various committees & taskforces. There is no cost to attend the APGA Board & Committee Meetings. All APGA members are welcome to attend any of the Board & Committee Meetings sessions, except where a session is noted as closed to just members of that committee.

Get Involved!

Interested in volunteering with APGA? Committees plan and oversee APGA's government relations work and other activities that affect education, membership, marketing, and safety.

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APGA Membership

From the smallest to the largest publicly- and community-owned gas systems, APGA is working for you.

Public Gas System Membership - We advocate on behalf of our members helping them strengthen their systems by providing access to the latest industry trends on safety standards, competitiveness, regulations and other important issues that affect their system.

Associate Membership – Associate membership is for organizations that provide products and/or services for publicly owned natural gas distribution systems.

National Sponsor - Natural gas suppliers, vendors and other stakeholders can participate as National Sponsors and receive recognition and benefits that correspond with the level of support.

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