Frequently Asked Questions

APGA’s primary focus is on the health and safety of our members and the communities they serve especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, the 2020 APGA Operations Conference, which was scheduled for October 27-29 in Louisville, KY, will become a virtual event.

APGA is here to help you get online! We understand there may be technical issues when you try to join a webinar session. Please review the information below, and email if you need additional assistance.

What platform will the sessions be hosted on?

The 2020 Operations Conference will be hosted on the Zoom Meeting platform. 

How will I access the sessions? 

The 2020 Operations Conference will have a unique webpage at that will allow attendees to log in and access the day's sessions. You must register and will be required to log in with your APGA username and password to access the sessions. Please navigate to the SCHEDULE page and then click on the title of the day's session to find the JOIN MEETING button. You can join the meeting up to 30 minutes before the session starts in the waiting room lobby.

How do I register?

Registration is now open! You can start the registration process here or read more about our pricing here. We require registration in order to access this conference's sessions.

Can I register multiple people from my organization at once?

You can register multiple people from your company at once by choosing the GROUP REGISTRATION option. You can click on CHANGE RATE to choose which registration option (All Access, Operations & Engineering, Transmission Pipelines, or Compliance & Safety) each person should have. If you are a sponsor, your tier may get free attendee passes, and please email or to get them registered instead.

What features will be available? 

We are excited to debut new online engagement features such as group chat, more interactive participation from the attendees during sessions, and more to allow for an interactive experience. Sessions will also be recorded for post-event viewing.

Sponsor Specific Questions

Are there opportunities for sponsorship? 

Yes! Please visit the page to see the many different ways your company can feature its services and solutions during this month-long event. Sponsorship is limited to current APGA members, and please reach out to Sheila Deringis at if you have any questions about membership or sponsorship. 

How are sponsors recognized during the live session?

When the session starts, APGA staff will do an overview of the session's agenda and then recognize your company as sponsoring the session along with your logo displayed and will direct them to view your Sponsor Directory listing. After that, APGA will play the video you submitted earlier to be played for the audience. Then after the sponsor over is completed, the presentation will start.


What are the requirements for the sponsor video?

The video should be around 1-2 minutes in length. Please send the video file or streaming link to by October 14.


What if I do not have a video about my company?

If you do not have a video, you are welcome to use one minute to talk live to introduce yourself and your company. 


Where is my Sponsor Directory Listing?

Please view your listing here: If you have any changes or additions to make, please email or If you would like to upload the video to your sponsor directory, please send a file in a .avi, .mkv, .mp4, .webm, or .mov format (not a YouTube link) that is under 1 GB to or


Can I attend the session?

Yes! You are welcome to attend and to join the 15 minutes before the session starts in the Zoom greenroom to introduce yourself to the presenters while attendees are waiting in the virtual lobby to be admitted. Please just let us send an email or send a chat while in the Zoom waiting room that you'd like to join early. APGA staff will mention you are in the audience when recognizing your company as a sponsor.

How do I introduce myself?

Feel free to use the chat box when your company is introduced to say hello and you are here if they have any questions.