2022 APGA Marketing & Policy Conference: May 10-11

Please make plans to join us for the 2022 Marketing & Policy Conference on May 10-11 in New Orleans!

While we work on the 2022 agenda, please view highlighted topics from the 2021 Marketing & Policy Conference:

  • Winter Storm Uri’s Impact on Energy Policy
  • What Clean Energy Efforts is Congress working on?
  • 2020 Marketing & Sales Award Winners
  • The Latest Innovation Update from the Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
  • Natural Gas Genius Marketing Campaign Update
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Policy Perspectives on Hydrogen and Renewable Natural Gas 

The APGA Marketing & Sales Trends & Training Conference (MSTTC) has combined with the Policy & Technology Conference to create the new APGA Marketing & Policy Conference. This event gives attendees insight on the benefits of the end-use of natural gas in their communities as well as presentations on the policy and politics affecting the natural gas end-use market. The APGA Marketing & Policy Conference is now an annual event focusing on how to communicate the benefits of natural gas to customers and policymakers alike.

This conference will run concurrently with the Gas Supply Conference, which focused on current market changes and challenges of natural gas supply.

Attendee Registration & Pricing

Registration for the 2022 APGA Marketing & Policy Conference will open in early 2022!

Who Should Attend

Natural gas utility customer service, marketing, communications, and policy professionals who are looking for information about national accounts, marketing best practices, NGV/CNG updates, and findings from studies on natural gas products in the home. Natural gas utility professionals who need to keep-up-to date about the administration’s federal energy policy, natural gas’s role in the larger environmental debate, natural gas’s role in agricultural economy, the future of CHP and fuel cells, and code changes.

2021 Agenda

The 2021 APGA Marketing & Policy Conference will be held from 10 a.m. ET - noon on Wednesdays and Thursdays from April 28-May 6. This event will feature speakers and panels of experts on topics such as branding and customer service and end-use technologies. 

Wednesday, April 28

10:00am – Welcome/Opening Remarks and Crisis Communications followed by roundtable on Workforce Hot Topics 

When a crisis happens, how your gas system responds is of utmost importance. Learn how one gas system managed a crisis and communicated with their customers. Then, stick around for a roundtable discussion on important issues facing gas systems currently like inclusion, motivation and pandemic protocol. Presented by Matt Ballard and Alison Ragsdale.

11:00am – What Clean Energy Efforts is Congress working on?/Winter Storm Uri’s Impact on Energy Policy

Dustin Meyer, the Vice President of Natural Gas Markets at the American Petroleum Institute (API), explains the impacts on our country’s energy system when the frigid conditions of Winter Storm Uri were experienced across the US. Learn more about how all parts of the energy system were taxed from a “black swan event” that resulted in electricity and natural gas use spikes and rolling blackouts.

12:00pm – Conclude

Thursday, April 29

10:00am – Welcome/Opening Remarks and APGA Marketing & Sales Award Winners: ORUD Natural Gas, Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia and CPS Energy.

Every year the APGA Marketing & Sales Committee holds the Marketing & Sales Awards, and this presentation will feature the winners from the 2020 awards. Hear from ORUD Natural Gas, Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia and CPS Energy as they go over their winning marketing programs.

11:00am – Policy Perspectives on Hydrogen and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

The mission of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) is to advance the commercialization of and promote the markets for fuel cells and hydrogen energy. Hear about some of the basics, such as what happening now with utilities across the country and what the plans are for the future. As well, any impacts policy could have on advancing innovative, clean, safe, and reliable hydrogen technologies.

Public natural gas utilities have heard a good bit on RNG, but now, get to hear what specifically one utility is doing to incorporate this fuel into its business. Southern Company Gas will share on their efforts and how RNG policy is playing a role with what they are doing.

12:00pm – Conclude

Wednesday, May 5

10:00am – Welcome/Opening Remarks and What’s New in Social Media Followed by Roundtable on Marketing Trends.

Social media keeps evolving and Todd Long, Vice-Chair of the Marketing & Sales Committee, is on top of all of the latest trends. In this presentation, Todd will talk through social media innovations and best practices like the Nextdoor App, and then lead a roundtable on topics like grow

11:00am – Finding Your Voice

Hear John Davies and his colleagues, all from Davies Public Affairs, present on national poll results and recent qualitative research throughout the U.S. concerning Natural Gas. Then, learn how using this great research can help you engage both the public and policy makers.

12:00pm – Conclude

Thursday, May 6

10:00am – Natural Gas Genius Marketing Campaign Update and Consumer Research Review

Reservoir Communications Group works closely with APGA on strategic communications in the areas of media outreach and Natural Gas Genius. In this presentation, they will review the Natural Gas Genius campaign as well as intriguing findings from recently conducted consumer research.

11:00am – Latest Innovation Update from the Gas Technology Institute (GTI)/Current CHP Happenings

During this session, hear the latest on valuable research underway at the Gas Technology Institute (GTI). They have significant work ongoing ranging from improving damage prevention efforts to methane detection and emission mitigation. Also, GTI is studying how to achieve decarbonization goals but still using the existing pipeline infrastructure and workforce of public natural gas utilities.

After hearing broadly on innovation, a speaker from Capstone Green Energy Corporation will talk specifically on current and future possibilities with combined heat and power (CHP) technologies. Capstone Green Energy Corporation is the world’s leading producer of highly efficient, low-emission, resilient microturbine energy systems. This important company uses gaseous fuels to provide scalable systems solving the problems of many distributed power generation needs.

12:00pm – Closing Remarks & Adjournment

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Conference Location

The 2022 APGA Marketing & Policy Conference will take place at Omni Royal Orleans Hotel New Orleans, Louisiana

Location & Hotel

Omni Royal Orleans Hotel
621 St Louis St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Phone: (504) 529-5333

Group Rate Information

Group Rate: $179.00 plus taxes | Cut-off Date: April 15, 2022

To make your reservation, please book online here or call (800) 578-0500 and reference APGA Spring Board & Committee Meetings if you need personal assistance.

If you have questions, please contact APGA's Sheila Deringis at sderingis@apga.org.

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