Scott Minter

Lake Apopka Natural Gas District


➢ IT team builder, leader, and turnaround specialist formally recognized by Information Week 500 for innovation and by Microsoft for collaboration
➢ Implemented global shared services, performed M&A due diligence/integrations, and upgraded multiple complex ERP and business systems
➢ Realized recurring cost savings of 30% by utilizing current technology and renegotiation of key contracts

Energetic IT leader that has been recognized for building great teams and instills pride in the Company’s IT department. Utilizes formal military training in leadership to instill discipline, security, responsiveness, planning, project management, quality, and teamwork. Benefits the Company with innovative ideas, data analysis, development, database management, and critical thinking by using demonstrated education in computer science and software engineering. Listens and effectively communicates with executives and all team members to ensure IT is focused on the business problems. Articulates well and is able to provide prioritization leadership due to listening and good decision-making. Drives cost reduction based on technically understanding the business requirements of the Company and applies negotiating skills learned through formal training and experience.