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Process Rule Finalized and Proposed Rule on Walk-Down Process

By Stuart Saulters posted 01-16-2020 12:04 PM

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced a final rule updating and streamlining aspects of DOE’s current rulemaking process under the Appliance and Equipment Standards Program. DOE also issued a proposed rule that would clarify the procedures used to evaluate the economic justification of new or amended energy conservation standards.

DOE’s final “Process Rule” takes into account public feedback received, including input from APGA members, both in writing and at public meetings. APGA’s comments to DOE helped shaped the final rule. Major elements of the final rule include:

• Establishing a threshold for “significant” energy savings at 0.3 quads over 30 years, or, if less than that amount, a 10 percent improvement over existing standards;
• Requiring that DOE establish final test procedures 180 days before proposing a new energy conservation standard rulemaking; and,
• Clarifying that DOE will codify private sector consensus standards for test procedures, as described in the original Process Rule.

In addition to finalizing the updated Process Rule, DOE is also seeking public comment on a proposal to amend the so-called “walk-down” process for evaluating new or amended energy conservation standard levels. APGA staff is evaluating and will be reaching out to members to determine next steps.

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