Bill DeFoor Featured on Industry Podcast

By Erin Kurilla posted 16 days ago

The Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia’s (MGAG) Bill DeFoor was featured on the September 3 edition of the Pipeliners Podcast. This podcast “brings together industry leading expertise and insightful guests in each episode in a conversational setting.” Bill’s episode focuses on all things Public Awareness. In addition, Bill had an opportunity to inform listeners about the unique services that MGAG provides their members.

In the interview style podcast, Bill was able to: educate listeners on the history of pipeline Public Awareness (at 5:00); discuss the intricacies of compliance with the regulatory requirements (at 13:00); highlight the push towards a more collaborative approach to public awareness (at 17:05 and 22:10); and, inform listeners about the differences in the various industry sectors (at 19:30).

Russel Treat, the podcast host, summarized their discussion with three key takeaways:

- The purpose of Public Awareness is to educate the public about the risks and mitigations associated with pipeline facilities;
- There are significant challenges around how operators are to perform that education, especially given the need for compliance auditing; and,
- The Public Awareness regulations “are not keeping up with technology.”

APGA encourages members to listen to the podcast, share it internally with your employees, and utilize it as an education tool with your boards, city council members, and other stakeholders. APGA thanks Bill DeFoor for agreeing to represent public gas systems and offer his expertise. We will continue to look for opportunities to showcase APGA members on this industry podcast. If you are interested in participating or have a idea for a topic, please let us know, we’ll be happy to pass those along.

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