Legislative Update

By Doug MacGillivray posted 10-15-2020 11:21 AM

Things have been quiet on the Hill for the last few weeks, save for the Senate Judiciary Committee holding confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The hearings were relatively routine and, while Judge Barrett did answer a couple of energy and environment related questions, nothing particularly groundbreaking or surprising occurred. Expect Judge Barrett's nomination to be reported favorably out of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a final floor vote next week.
Outside of the confirmation hearings, the rest of the Senate has been recessed with no committee hearings or other floor votes taking place of significance to APGA members. Notably, the Senate did table consideration of the American Energy Innovation Act until a time to be determined. APGA continues to oppose inclusion of the Portman-Shaheen building codes language and urges support of the Cornyn amendment to ensure home affordability.

The House has been in recess since the end of September after passing a short-term Continuing Resolution to fund the government through early December. It remains to be seen what the House will take up, if anything, during the lame duck session, but major remaining items include another Coronavirus aid package, an omnibus Appropriations package for Fiscal Year 2021, and potential activity on tax extenders.

Coronavirus aid talks continue between House leadership, the Administration, and the Senate. Lack of clarity has mired talks for months and uncertainty surrounds if and when a deal can be reached. APGA continues to monitor the talks.

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