APGA Joins Global Natural Gas Coalition

By Dave Schryver posted 10-04-2018 10:01

APGA has joined the Global Natural Gas Coalition, which was established in June 2018. The group is made up of organizations that have come together for the purpose of having a unified voice to promote the use of natural gas as a foundation fuel for global economic prosperity. The group is made up of gas producers, infrastructure developers, operators, natural gas local distribution companies, manufacturers and consumers that are working together to support natural gas as a foundational fuel now and into the future.

APGA has long-maintained that the direct-use of natural gas provides numerous benefits that include efficiency, affordability, and resiliency. In addition, given the large supplies of natural gas in the U.S., natural gas can play a critical role in meeting our energy security needs. Given all these benefits, natural gas should play a critical role in meeting our energy needs now and well into the future. However, despite all of these benefits, we continue to see an increasing amount of attacks on natural gas at all levels, production, transmission and end-use. In fact, APGA’s Direct-Use Task Group was specifically created to respond to those attacks to ensure that consumers can continue to have the ability to make their own choices regarding what type of appliance best meets their needs. More recently, APGA established a Media and Public Outreach Committee to coordinate our communications efforts on numerous issues including the promotion of direct use and the many benefits it provides. APGA is pleased to work with the Global Natural Gas Coalition, and other groups that share our view in promoting natural gas as a foundational fuel for the future.

Information on the Global Natural Gas Coalition can be found at www.globalnaturalgascoalition.com/.

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