APGA Releases Statement in Response to the DOE Grid Study

By Dave Schryver posted 08-24-2017 02:36 PM

Today, the Department of Energy (DOE) released a Staff Report to the Secretary on Electricity Markets and Reliability, which focuses on the reliability of the electricity grid. The study (a copy of which can be viewed at https://energy.gov/staff-report-secretary-electricity-markets-and-reliability) was initiated in April by a memo from Secretary Perry warning that coal and nuclear plants were being undermined by environmental regulation and "market-distorting effects of federal subsidies that boost one form of energy at the expense of others." While the report is focused on the electricity grid, the report did address natural gas in several areas including the impact the low price of natural gas has had on the displacement of coal in many of the nation’s markets and the need for increased coordination between the electric and natural gas industries to address potential reliability and resilience concern.

In response to the study release, APGA issued a statement commending DOE for their efforts towards enhancing our energy reliability and security. The statement also communicated that “greater access to natural gas service would provide relief for our congested electrical infrastructure and improve the diversity and reliability of our energy network, while offering resiliency and lowering homeowners’ and businesses’ energy costs.” APGA also communicated that natural gas appliances free up critical capacity and increase flexibility for the electric grid all while reducing emissions and costs. Lastly, APGA stated that by providing more U.S. homes and businesses direct access to natural gas, the direct-use of natural gas can and will play a central role in improving the reliability and affordability of the energy network.

A copy of APGA’s statement is available on the APGA website. For questions on this article, please contact Dave Schryver of APGA’s staff by phone at 202-464-2742 or by email at dschryver@apga.org.