APGA Holds Winter Meetings and Conferences in Houston

By Audrey Casey posted 01-30-2020 11:39 AM

From January 26 to 30, APGA held its 2020 winter quarterly meetings and two conferences—the Gas Supply Conference and the Marketing & Policy Conference—in Houston, Texas. APGA holds in-person quarterly meetings for its Board of Directors and various committees. These productive meetings offer members a place to network and discuss industry issues in-depth. The meetings are held in conjunction with the two conferences to give members an opportunity to learn more about specific industry topics and best practices.
The APGA Gas Supply Conference is an annual event focusing on current market changes and challenges of natural gas supply. The Gas Supply Conference informs attendees about natural gas supply while addressing current market changes and challenges. Some of the session topics included: natural gas hedging; gas supply interruptions and solutions; cybersecurity; and, prepays.

The APGA Marketing & Sales Trends & Training Conference (MSTTC) combined with the Policy & Technology Conference to create the new APGA Marketing & Policy Conference. This event offers attendees insight on the benefits of the end-use of natural gas in their communities as well as presentations on the policy and politics affecting the natural gas end-use market. The APGA Marketing & Policy Conference is now an annual event focusing on how to communicate the benefits of natural gas to customers and policymakers alike. Some of the session topics included: an electrification panel; coordinated media outreach; Natural Gas Genius Phase 4; Marketing & Sales Award winners; and, renewable natural gas.

In 2021, the Winter Board and Committee meetings will be held in Alexandria, Va., in conjunction with APGA’s yearly Member Meetings on the Hill. While the 2021 Marketing & Policy Conference will be held in Savannah, Ga., in conjunction with the Spring Board and Committee Meetings.

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