APGA Natural Gas Genius Campaign Launches!

By Audrey Casey posted 03-14-2019 11:18 AM

Today is Genius Day and that means that it is the official launch day of APGA’s Natural Gas Genius campaign!

“Natural Gas Genius” is a consumer marketing campaign that speaks from the heart and mind of today’s homebuyer/remodeler. It’s refreshing, sassy and right on target with this target audience. In each component of the campaign, we experience people’s stories that show us how they are transforming into providers of better living for themselves and those they love because they are choosing natural gas.

The voice of the campaign comments on this transformation, acknowledges the “genius” moves these people are making and encourages them to do more with natural gas — all while poking a little fun and laughing with them about who they used to be and how far they have come.

APGA has worked for almost two years to develop this campaign with our firm, Porter Novelli. Extensive research on consumer sentiment and consumer message testing has taken place. Our target audience is homeowners who are looking to buy or renovate a home in the next five years. We are confident in the ability of this new type of message that speaks to the emotional aspect of natural gas, to help us achieve our goal of increasing consumer consideration of natural gas direct use in their homes.

The campaign components include: member engagement via marketing assets that have been created and posted online; the NaturalGasGenius.com website; organic social media; and, paid social media.

If APGA members would like to learn more about how they can use this campaign in their local markets or social media platforms and website, please review the presentation our agency put together which outlines how members can use all the marketing assets available. These materials are available for members to use as a resource so they can educate their local market about the benefits of natural gas.

Here is the link to the workshop, content calendar and social media images. Please consult the style guide for the “rules of the road” on how to use all of this content.
Don’t forget to follow the campaigns below for inspiration!


For questions on this article or on the Natural Gas Genius campaign, please contact Audrey Anderson of APGA staff by phone at 202-464-2742 or by email at aanderson@apga.org.