SIF Discusses DIMP and SHRIMP at Minnesota Pipeline Safety Conference

By John Erickson posted 04-20-2017 11:55

On April 19, APGA’s Vice President of Operations, John Erickson, briefed the attendees at the Minnesota Pipeline Safety Conference in Brainerd, Minn., on recent and pending changes to the APGA Security and Integrity Foundation’s (SIF) Simple, Handy, Risk-based Integrity Management Plan (SHRIMP) program and general issues related to Distribution Integrity Management Programs (DIMP) regulations. SHRIMP is an online program that assists operators to develop written DIMP plans. John discussed feedback that the SIF has received from SHRIMP users and state and federal regulators and modifications made to the SHRIMP program as a result of that feedback.

SHRIMP program is nearing completion on a major update that will address concerns about existing and potential threats, interactive threats and more. The next version of SHRIMP is currently being tested and should be available soon. He also noted that a drug and alcohol plan development tool is available through the SIF and that tools to develop operations and maintenance manuals, public awareness plans and operator qualification plans are under development.

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