World Gas Conference: Fueling the Future

By Erin Kurilla posted 07-02-2018 16:19

Last week in Washington D.C., over 12,000 attendees attended the World Gas Conference & Exhibit. After attending the conference presentations, participating in the Young Professionals Program, and exploring the over 350 exhibitions, a common theme emerged. Natural gas will continue to play an integral role in the global energy mix. Even as renewable energy sources gain a larger percentage of the market share, demand for natural gas will continue to grow due to increased global demand and the inherent ability of natural gas to assist in meeting climate change objectives. BP’s Chief Executive Officer, Bob Dudley, highlighted the fact that U.S. emission levels are down to levels not seen since 1990 due to gas replacing coal in power generation.

Stakeholders all agree, access to affordable and reliable energy has been proven to enhance the welfare of communities. Natural gas has served this role in the past and is well positioned to continue to serve it for many years to come. However, this benefit is not always widely apparent. Conference attendees agreed it is the responsibility of the industry to communicate natural gas’s role in decarbonization goals.

“We must fight this notion that there’s an existential competition between gas and renewables,” said De la Rey Venter, executive vice president for integrated gas ventures for Shell.

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