APGA Speaks at the World Gas Conference

By Dave Schryver posted 07-03-2018 08:34

On June 29, Arthur Corbin, President & CEO of the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia and Chair of APGA’s Direct Use task Group, participated on a panel at the World Gas Conference addressing the role of natural gas in buildings in the future (up to 2030) in response to regional energy policies. Other participants on the panel included: Laura Guillon from the Natural Gas Technologies Centre; Takashi Miyakoshi from Osaka Gas; Mark Krebs of Spire; and Christopher Wagner of GRDF, a France-based natural gas distribution company.

In his presentation, Arthur discussed policies addressing deep decarbonization and a push towards electrification. He also discussed the potential impacts those policies would have on consumers, both in terms of their energy reliability as well as in their utility bill. Arthur discussed the benefits that the direct use of natural gas provides including affordability and reductions in carbon emissions as well as the quality of life benefits natural gas provides which have led to a strong consumer preference for natural gas appliances. Finally, Arthur discussed the activities of APGA’s Direct Use Task Group, which has led the charge for APGA in our efforts to protect and preserve the direct use of natural gas, in responding to regulatory and legislative policies that unfairly eliminate the consumer’s choice for natural gas direct use.

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